It is la pause, it is beunaise, coment tromper les gens, Alain le benpenven harceleur
Webradio pause, libre antenne is beunaise, des demain in my baar van dem lol, it is on the internet. Referencement of the merdent is cheap it is chip chip chip, it is as discord stream of jvc for the 4chan. USA, lose, win, slack and kittylips.

Webradio, libre antenne, Triskel, des demain, USA, business, America, Freedom, Liberty, no malaise, drama lova, pognon loving, it is the win, prions l’atome, love, , Gaffa, Gafa, Gafam, Gaffam, plus,com,digit,addict,beunaise,digital,merdent sevices, it is uht, Bob, slack and kittypeals.
Bob, Slack & kitty peals